● Start early so that your goals can be obtained.
● Determine what age you see yourself retiring.
● Do an income / Expense report.
● Figure out what your risk tolerance is on a scale of 1-10.
● Think about taxes now and in retirement.
● Do some Tax Free retirement income planning.

We believe that you should shoot for 80% of your current income. By doing proper planning
in your early years it should not be difficult to obtain.

When it comes to your retirement income, you want to make sure it will be there when you retire. Balance your assets to make sure you’re not taking too much risk because you will not have time to make
it up if there is a market correction. Review your taxes and what to expect in retirement along with

1. Visualize what retirement may look like for you. What are you doing currently to prepare for
your retirement?
2. Analysis
3. Figure out what your sources of retirement income will be coming from (social security,
401K/Pension, IRA/ Roth Ira).
4. Most importantly TAXES, do some creative tax free planning to control taxes in the future